The Hewlett Foundation depends on a cooperative working relationship between our president, board and staff. Our board of directors always includes four members of the Hewlett family and between five and 11 other leaders drawn from philanthropy, government, business, education and civil society. Our president, Larry Kramer, is a constitutional law scholar and the former dean of Stanford Law School. Our staff, all located in the Bay Area and listed below, work together to advance the foundation’s mission and support our grantees. Also see: demographics and open positions.

President’s Office

Larry Kramer

Rosa Maria Castañeda

Gail Claspell
Project Manager

Joan Garretson
Director of Facilities and Assistant to the President

Departments and Programs (listed alphabetically)



Vidya Krishnamurthy
Chief Communications Officer and Senior Advisor to the President

Heath Wickline
Deputy Director of Communications

Carla Aguirre
Communications Officer

Kristen Carriker
Digital Communications Officer

Sawako Sonoyama Clarin
Organizational Learning Officer

Neha Singh Gohil
Communications Officer

Ashley Kawakami
Digital Communications Associate

Kate Payne
Communications Associate

Edit Ruano
Communications Officer


Culture, Race, and Equity

Charmaine Mercer
Chief of Equity and Culture

Brooke Treadwell
Culture, Race, and Equity Officer


Cyber Initiative

Kelly Born

Sherry Huang
Cyber and Special Projects Fellow

Marlene Zapata
Program Associate


Economy and Society Initiative

Brian Kettenring


Education Program

Kent McGuire
Program Director

Dara Bevington
Program Associate

Kathryn Bradley
Program Fellow

Melissa Chabran
Program Officer

Angela DeBarger
Program Officer

Amanda Lanceplaine
Program Associate

Peter Rivera
Program Officer


Effective Philanthropy Group

Jehan Velji

Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas
Program Officer

Amy Arbreton
Evaluation Officer

Kathleen Badejo
Program Associate

Lori Grange
Strategy Officer

Andrea Jeong
Executive Assistant

José Larios
Program Fellow

Jennifer Wei
Organizational Effectiveness Officer


Environment Program

Jonathan Pershing
Program Director

Pooja Agarwal
Program Associate

Anup Bandivadekar
Program Officer

Crissy Canlas
Program Associate

Carrie Doyle
Senior Program Fellow

Andrea Keller Helsel
Program Officer

Zhuli Hess
Program Officer

Summer Iqbal
Program Associate

Alexandra Sterman
Program Associate


Facilities and Reception

Joan Garretson
Executive Assistant to the President and Director of Facilities

Andres Anaya
Facilities Supervisor

Kahlani Anderson
Receptionist and Front Desk Coordinator

Tony Azzopardi
Facilities Assistant

Tyson Marks
Facilities Coordinator


Finance and Accounting

Suresh Bhat
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Christine Elliott
Tax Officer

Tiara Fretty
Administrative Coordinator

Catherine Hoang
Associate Accountant

Spergon Hunt
Associate Accountant

Dwight Koda

Elizabeth Lee
Senior Financial Analyst

Jenny Utke
Finance Operations Lead

Jing-Jing Zheng
Accounting Manager


General Counsel

Elizabeth Peters
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Jennifer Kwong
Senior Counsel

Akansha Ramesh Rao

Pooja Kadakia Raval
Senior Counsel

Kristy Bernard Tsadick
Deputy General Counsel


Gender Equity and Governance Program

May Aguiar
Program Associate

Althea D. Anderson
Program Officer

Kim Brehm
Program Associate

Christopher Chibwana
Program Officer

Jodie Clark
Program Associate

Diakhoumba Gassama
Program Officer

Janet Holt
Program Officer

Sarah Iqbal
Program Officer

Jennifer Obado Joel
Program Fellow

Chris Maloney
Program Officer

Ousseynou Ngom
Program Officer

David Sasaki
Program Officer

LaTanya Smith
Executive Assistant

Nathalie Scholl
Program Associate

Sarah Settle
Program Associate


Grantmaking, Learning, and Operations

Marcus McGrew

Aimée Bruederle
Grants Officer

Rocio Canchola
Grants Officer

Laura Kimura
Grants Officer

Beverly Mislang
Grants Officer

Leeanne Oue
Grants Officer


Human Resources

Judy Parkman
Director of Human Resources

Helena Geefay
Talent Development Officer

Nicole Graffius
Payroll and HR Operations Manager

Christine Nishimura
Associate Director, Total Rewards and HRIS

Megan Rossi
Senior Human Resources Manager, Staffing and Employee Engagement


Information Technology

Kathy A.N. Grant
Chief Information Officer

Muneeb Cheema
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Lily Chiu
Senior IT Analyst

Whitney Clark
IT Operations Coordinator

Boris Decout
Senior Infrastructure & Security Engineer

Atul Dhiwar
Salesforce System Architect

Chuck Ferreira
Senior Desktop Systems Specialist

Tess Hanrahan
Senior IT Analyst

Rena Lee
Salesforce Application Architect

Trinh Liu
IT Project Manager



Ana Marshall
Chief Investment Officer

Saniya Alam
Project Coordinator

Bhavya Athmaram
Associate Director of Public Investments

Christine Coppellotti
Senior Investment Analyst

Elina Inker
Senior Investment Analyst

Brett Johnson
Deputy Chief Investment Officer and Director of Public Investments

Luis Laboy
Director of Public Equity

Sharon Lee
Director of Investment Operations and Accounting

Brad McCarter
Associate Director of Private Investments

Tom Mieczkowski
Director of Private Investments

Evelyn Morfin
Associate Director, Private Investments

Samuel Yee
Investment Operations Accountant


Performing Arts Program

Emiko Ono
Program Director

Amanda Artru
Program Fellow

Jaime Cortez
Program Officer

Adam Fong
Program Officer

Nathan Jae-Sun Large
Program Associate

Jessica Mele
Program Officer


U.S. Democracy

Ali Noorani
Program Director

Carlos Aguilar
Program Associate

Carla Bernal
Program Fellow

Vanessa Tucker
Program Officer