Présentation de notre nouvelle stratégie de Gouvernance Inclusive

Click here to read in English | Haga click aquí para leer en Español La Fondation Hewlett soutient la transparence, la participation et la redevabilité (TPA) depuis le lancement d’un programme de développement mondial en 2005. Au cours de la première décennie, nos subventions se sont concentrées sur la promotion d’un gouvernement ouvert et sur l’avancement…

Presentando nuestra nueva Estrategia de Gobernanza Incluyente

Click here to read in English | Cliquez ici pour lire en français La Fundación Hewlett ha apoyado la Transparencia, Participación y Rendición de cuentas (“TPA” por sus siglas en inglés ) desde que dio inició a un Programa de Desarrollo Global en 2005. Durante la primera década, otorgamos donativos enfocándonos en la promoción de gobierno…

Introducing our new Inclusive Governance Strategy

Cliquez ici pour lire en français | Haga click aquí para leer en Español The Hewlett Foundation has provided support for Transparency, Participation, and Accountability (TPA) since it launched a Global Development Program in 2005. During the first decade, our grantmaking focused on promoting open government and advancing global transparency norms. Over the past five years,…

Introducing our new Women’s Economic Empowerment Strategy

The Hewlett Foundation started its work on Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) in 2015 to help women achieve “greater agency, opportunities, and control over resources.” We sought to reach this goal by making grants to develop critical policymaking inputs: gender-disaggregated data, improved macroeconomic research, and advocacy to make gender differences visible.

Introducing our new Global Reproductive Equity strategy

We are excited to announce the release of our refreshed Global Reproductive Equity strategy (English and French). We are immensely grateful for the generosity of our grantee partners, peer funders, and other important stakeholders who informed this work. As we launch the strategy, we are sharing reflections on the process and a preview of the…

Building the government institutions our country needs

The problem of political polarization was the original impetus for the Hewlett Foundation to launch its U.S. Democracy Program more than seven years ago. Since then, Hewlett has made millions of dollars in grants to mitigate the impact of polarization on Congress. Grantees have helped create conditions for significant reforms, including in support of the…

Cyber Talent Pipeline Evaluation

In 2020, the Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative engaged evaluation consultants Jodi Nelson and Claire McGuinnes to evaluate its “talent pipeline” grantmaking strategy, which provides funding to universities to train “experts with the necessary mix of technical and non-technical skills and knowledge to staff” the core cyber policy institutions fostered by the initiative, as well as 

Grantmaking strategies to help U.S. democracy survive and flourish

The past year has been one of the most tumultuous in the history of American democracy. The major developments that occurred during it are mind-boggling. These included the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying economic shutdown; the renewed push for racial justice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder; a sharply contested election conducted amid social distancing…

Economy and Society Initiative Grantmaking Strategy

In March 2018, the Hewlett Foundation’s board approved a two-year, $10 million exploratory grantmaking effort to examine potential successors to neoliberalism, the intellectual paradigm that has dominated our economic and policy debates for the past 40 years. This exploration was predicated on the belief that neoliberalism has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced 

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