Economy and Society Initiative Grantmaking Strategy

In March 2018, the Hewlett Foundation’s board approved a two-year, $10 million exploratory grantmaking effort to examine potential successors to neoliberalism, the intellectual paradigm that has dominated our economic and policy debates for the past 40 years. This exploration was predicated on the belief that neoliberalism has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced 

Building wildfire resilience in the West

I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles in the embrace of yellow-brown chaparral hills that would burst briefly into verdant green after rare winter rains. My family home was, and still is, nestled in the southern foothills of my hometown. Twice during my childhood, a portion of those yellow-brown hills burst instead into…

Putting people first: Our climate communications grantmaking strategy

The compounding and connected crises of the last few months — the COVID pandemic and its inequitable toll on Black and Latinx communities, the unprecedented politicization of public health, economic crises hitting Main Street harder than Wall Street, the rallying cries to address deep-seated racism in public institutions meant to protect and serve all Americans…

Zero-Emissions Road Freight Strategy

In 2017, the Hewlett Foundation’s board renewed its third five-year commitment to our Climate Initiative. The new climate strategy aims to achieve deep decarbonization by midcentury, focusing on the biggest emitting regions (the United States, China, India and Europe), six thematic areas (Transportation; Electricity; Industry; Finance; Strategic Communications and Carbon dioxide removal). This strategy is 

Getting to zero: A strategy for delivering on clean freight

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders have dramatically reshaped our lives, turning the world upside down while highlighting the value of essential workers who provide the goods and services we all need to live. Health care workers, farmers, food processors, utility workers and others go to work every day to keep…

Open Education Strategy

The overarching goal of the Hewlett Foundation’s Open Education strategy is to strengthen every student’s learning experiences by the effective use of open educational resources and practices. To do that, we prioritize developing effective pedagogy and practice along with content, building capacity for education systems to implement OER, and supporting a field that is responsive 

The next phase for Open Education

I grew up with a window into the life of educators — my mom was an elementary school teacher, and my dad was a principal for most of his career. Today, a lot more of us are getting a glimpse into that world. COVID-19 has meant that our children have to stay home from school,…

New directions for our Performing Arts grantmaking

The who, how, and where of the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area is changing. And we need to change with it. As the grantees of the Hewlett Foundation Performing Arts Program well know, the Bay Area arts community is at an inflection point. Artists, arts organizations and the people who lead them are…

Q&A with Leticia Corona: Youth engagement in U.S. reproductive health, rights, and justice

The Hewlett Foundation has long supported U.S. reproductive health and rights, and recently expanded grantmaking to support youth-led organizing, engagement, and leadership. Hewlett program fellow Leticia Corona explains what the grants support and why it matters. What do these new grants aim to do? This three-year, $2.5 million grantmaking portfolio focuses on youth-led, multi-issue organizations…

Climate Finance Strategy 2018-2023

The Hewlett Foundation has been actively working to reduce GHG emissions for more than a decade. Our grants have focused on cleaning up electric power production, using less oil, using energy more efficiently, preserving forests, addressing non-CO2 greenhouse gases, and financing climate-friendly investments. Thus far, our grantmaking has mainly targeted countries and regions with high 

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