The Performing Arts Program’s values

(James Knox / Freight and Salvage)

The Performing Arts Program makes grants to support meaningful artistic experiences for communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. These values, drawn from the program’s Strategic Framework, expand on and emphasize aspects of the Hewlett Foundation’s mission and guiding principles, guide the Performing Arts Program’s grantmaking.

The expansive power of the arts

The joy, exploration, and wonder of the arts contribute richly to the making of a whole person and a meaningful society. They expand our hearts and minds, helping bridge our differences and surface our commonalities. The arts are essential for both individuals and communities to thrive.

Community self-determination

Art is a powerful vehicle for community self-determination. We support the right of every community to safeguard, express, and develop its artistic and cultural heritage, as well as imagine and have agency over its future. We believe a constellation of thriving and interconnected communities contribute to a vibrant region.

Equity and justice

We intentionally invest in the ability of people and communities to express themselves creatively and participate in the cultural life of their choice. At the same time, we understand that the history of the United States, and our own region, has created inequities in wealth and power that reflect or reinforce cultural hierarchies and exclusion. We make a dedicated effort to work against these inequities by being as generous and strategic with our resources and time as possible.

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