Controla Tu Gobierno

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Av. del Parque No. 83, Colonia Avante, Alcadia Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, CP 04400, Mexico
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for general operating support  
Controla Tu Gobierno partners with local watershed associations to monitor the government’s management of water resources and to advocate for equitable access to clean water. They will monitor implementation of clean water treatment and sanitation access in Mexico and expand their advocacy for greater verdict and sentencing transparency by local courts. (Substrategy: Service Delivery Monitoring)
for a project to strengthen citizen participation in the conservation of water resources  
Controla Tu Gobierno is a Mexican watchdog organization co-founded by two former officials from Mexico’s Federal Institute for Access to Information. This grant will support Controla Tu Gobierno to scale up a pilot project that mobilizes residents to work with government officials to ensure equitable access to clean, treated water in the watershed areas on the periphery of Mexico City.

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