The Internet Archive and DJ Spooky

Giancarlo Minelli

“Sonic Web,” an acoustic portrait of the Internet

The Internet Archive is commissioning electronic musician and experimental composer Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) to create an 11-movement multimedia production for string quartet, vocalist, and an original electronic instrument. The composition will be about the origins of the Internet and what needs to happen to keep it accessible, neutral, and free. An original Sonic Web Instrument will be created by Greg Niemeyer—a large touchscreen with a software tool to draw network diagrams. It will enable DJ Spooky to build and take apart simple networks using sampled sounds, with additional layers of sound from the vocalist and string quartet.

The Internet Archive will partner with Berkeley Center for New Media, Stanford Live, Youth Radio, and Oakland High School for music and technology workshops and a service learning course at UC Berkeley. The work will premiere at the Internet Archive Great Room and is being investigated for a potential international tour managed by Sozo Media. A downloadable album with music videos and a livestream of the premiere will be hosted by Internet Archive.

Artists need support now more than ever! Given that we are shifting further into the 'creative economy' it’s not just about tech or what software you are using to make music. It’s about IDEAS.

-- DJ Spooky

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