The Imaginists and Árpád Schilling

Arpad Shilling The Imaginists

“The Gun” examines the central role of guns and gun violence in contemporary American society.

The Imaginists are commissioning acclaimed Hungarian theater director Árpád Schilling to create “The Gun,” a new work that will bring his outsider’s eye to the role that guns and gun violence play in American society. Building on a longstanding artistic collaboration between the Imaginists and Schilling, the new work will highlight a shared artistic sensibility that prizes risk-taking, experimentation, and theater as instigation and provocation.

The Imaginists will continue their unwavering commitment to community engagement on “The Gun,” working with youth organizations and holding community conversations throughout the development and premiere of the play. “The Gun” will preview at a venue in Sonoma County and premiere at Z Space in San Francisco.

Art gives the freedom of thinking and self-expression, and social activism helps to get to know the reality ...

-- Árpád Schilling

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