The Opportunity Institute

For Support Of Development Of National Equity Indicators

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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
The Opportunity Institute promotes social mobility and equity by improving outcomes from early childhood through early career, bringing together leaders in early childhood development, Pre-kindergarten to Twelfth Grade education, juvenile and criminal justice, and higher education to collaborate across policy sectors for broader and deeper impact. OI’s vision and mission is to live in a country where education, health, and career opportunities allow every individual to pursue a thriving, productive, and meaningful life and where childhood circumstances do not determine destiny. OI’s current work focuses on education and adjacent areas of social and economic policy — whole child equity, resource equity, equity indicators, and the future of work. This grant will support the development of national equity indictors and the adolescent learning development project to support equity-driven school decision making. (Strategies: K-12 Teaching and Learning)
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1400 Shattuck Ave Ste 12, #136, Berkeley, CA, 94709, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for support of "Renewing Communities" to improve college opportunities for incarcerated Californians  
The Opportunity Institute works across issue silos to address the complex barriers to social mobility and focuses broadly on educational opportunities ranging from infant and toddler development to pathways out of incarceration. One signature project is Renewing Communities, a four-year initiative that is building pathways from criminal justice to higher education in California. The systems-change initiative aims for long-term sustainability so that the state’s public higher education system adopts the goal of higher education achievement for currently and formerly incarcerated students.
for community engagement in school system planning  
Partners for Each and Every Child is a project of the Opportunity Institute and grew out of the work of the congressionally chartered Equity and Excellence Commission. It is a collaborative, nonpartisan network of education researchers, advocacy organizations, and policy experts. The partnership seeks to expand its effort to support the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act in several states to advance a broad equity agenda, including deeper learning outcomes that result in student acquisition of the knowledge, higher-order thinking skills, and academic mindsets necessary for economic and civic success.

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