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For The Transparency And Accountability Program

The Population Program's recent advocacy efforts have focused on addressing inefficient and ineffective uses of funding for reproductive health, including the lack of transparency and accountability in budgeting and expenditures at the country level. This contribution to the Transparency and Accountability Program will allow it to select about two organizations per year with particular interest in addressing issues ranging from supplies stockouts to staff absenteeism in the reproductive health sector. TAP will provide the organizations with technical assistance on using specific methodologies such as expenditure tracking studies to generate evidence for advocacy. This collaborative grant with Global Development helps to illustrate potential synergies in the integrated program, and the possibilities for sector-specific applications of Global Development's transparency and accountability work. Please refer to Global Development's docket for more information about this grant.
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for building an online platform to improve evidence and learning in the Social Accountability field  
Results for Development Institute (R4D) is building an online platform (Atlas) to improve the quality and quantity of social accountability (SAc) usage worldwide to improve health, education, and other development outcomes. This grant will allow to design and test the Results and Learning components of the Atlas, and to develop strategies to encourage uptake such that these components improve the effectiveness of SAc work and among the SAc community of practice.
for dissemination activities related to QEDC evaluations  
This grant to Results for Development Institute would enable them to translate the findings from evaluations of interventions in early-grade literacy and numeracy into actionable lessons and tools for practitioners, policymakers, donors, advocates, and researchers.

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