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For The Production And Dissemination Of A Census-based Report On The Demographic, Educational, Economic, Housing And Health Circumstances Of Immigrant Families And Their Children In Select Counties In California

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1400 Washington Ave. MSC 100B, Albany, NY, 12222-1000, United States
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for support of research on long-term campaign finance reform opportunities to strengthen Congress  
Campaign finance reforms are often pursued for a range of separately desirable, but sometimes conflicting, goals: for example, minimizing corruption and promoting competition, which are often in tension. Standard campaign finance reform proposals have typically included one or more of the following: limits on contributions; limits or restrictions on spending; public campaign financing (with or without spending limits); and transparency. Each of these comes in a variety of forms, with each form tending to favor one or more policy goals. This grant will support development of a white paper analyzing a range of campaign finance reform proposals to consider how each might further or conflict with Madisonian goals of a healthy Congress capable of deliberation, negotiation, and compromise.
for support of a project on cybersecurity information sharing  
A grant to the State University of New York at Albany will support research and convenings to fill the gap between theory and practice regarding cybersecurity information sharing. A key aspect of the work will be to develop an empirical basis to support or disprove the widely held view that information sharing is an important tool to mitigate cybersecurity threats.

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