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Plot 7 Kulubya Close, Bulogobi, Kampala, Uganda
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for support to a project on gender data governance in Africa  
This grant is for a collaboration between Pollicy, a feminist collective of technologists, data scientists, creatives, and academics working to digitally transform service delivery across Africa and craft better life experiences through improved data processes, and My Data Rights Africa (MDR), a feminist curation project on understanding how data is framed within the African context in relation to artificial intelligence (AI), privacy, and data protection. They will conduct a comparative case study between Côte D’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia on how governments deal with gender data — including examining the algorithmic harm and digital identity challenges African women face — and develop policy recommendations, advocacy tools, and capacity-building interventions therein. This grant sits within a cluster of grants under the Evidence-Informed Policymaking strategy to strengthen a field of African institutions working on data governance. The goal of this cluster is to help governments in Africa develop policy frameworks that balance good uses of data with data privacy and protection; this will be the first grant in this cluster looking specifically at the governance of gender-related data in the African context.

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