For Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition To Build A Consortium On Safe Abortion

This grant to PATH’s Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition project will support a Regional Safe Abortion Dialogue for Francophone Africa. The two-day meeting will utilize the global Common Agenda for Safe Abortion framework to establish better coordination and priorities for advocates, researchers, donors, and practitioners in the region across six elements critical to safe abortion access. This grant will also support a pre-meeting landscaping of current stakeholders and activities as well as post-meeting planning for collective action, including the potential for the formation of a regional secretariat to support future collaboration.
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for PATH's Reproductive Health Global Program  
PATH’s Reproductive Health Global Program works in more than seventy low-income countries to support better reproductive health services for women, men, and youth. This grant would fund three of the Reproductive Health Global Program’s priority activities: developing plans for an on-demand oral contraceptive, introducing a new injectable contraceptive technology called Sayana Press, and assessing the costs to the health system of restrictive abortion policies. The first two activities reflect the Global Development and Population Program’s stronger emphasis on fostering specific improvements in access to and quality of family planning services; the third reflects the Program’s interest in increasing access to safe abortion services by providing better data about abortion for policymakers.
for support of PATH’s Francophone African forum focusing on contraceptive security  
The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition is an initiative of PATH that ensures that people in low– and middle–income countries can access and use affordable, high-quality supplies to ensure better reproductive health. The Coalition is comprised of more than 180 agencies that offer a neutral platform to join forces, collaborate on common areas of interest, and advance the issue. This grant will supply funds to the Coalition to support its Francophone African forum known as La Sécurité Contraceptive en Afrique Francophone.

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