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For Support Of The Advocates For Development Assistance Project

Through a fiscal sponsor, this grant would provide support to Advocates for Development Assistance, a small organization focused on increasing support for aid from the U.S. government, and fostering improvements in the targeting and use of that aid. The work that would be supported, which complements existing grants related to the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, would use social mobilization and communication efforts to amplify the voice and influence of leading religious leaders in the United States in debates about the need for development assistance that is oriented toward results and reflects priorities of recipient countries. It is expected that an increase in the visibility of religious leaders can help to inform and moderate political positions related to the volume and orientation of foreign assistance.
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1828 L Street NW, Suite 300 – A, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
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for support of the Communities for Just Schools Fund to fund education organizing  
The Communities for Just Schools Fund is a national donor collaborative that brings together the resources of philanthropy with the power of grassroots organizing to ensure that all schools welcome students and nurture their full potential. This grant will be used to fund education organizing; build the capacity of the fund’s grantee partners; and connect their partners with philanthropy, policy, research, and advocacy communities. (Substrategy: Student & Community Voice)
for Powering a New Economy Fund  

This grant for the Powering a New Economy Fund supports its work to drive the turn toward a new, more inclusive and sustainable economic paradigm. The fund supports state and locally based coalitions and grassroots organizations working to transform the political economy in cities and states.

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