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The Think Tank Initiative provides flexible support to more than forty independent policy research organizations in Latin America, South Asia, and Africa. The Initiative helps participating think tanks develop institutional capacities in research quality, policy engagement, and organizational performance, as well as collaborations with each other. This grant is for a renewed support of the second and final phase of the Think Tank Initiative. A focus during the second phase will be on helping the think tanks strengthen sustainable funding and business models.
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for support of a network of researchers providing rapid response policy analysis  
The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) will support 11 low- and middle-income country research centers as they test evidence tools that have shown promise in health and may be applicable in other sectors. The centers will respond to inquiries from policymakers within 30 days, helping clarify problems and causes, options to address them, and implementation considerations. These institutions will also experiment with new ways of gathering citizen feedback and feeding it into policy discussions. IDRC will offer support to the research centers to strengthen their institutional capacities, and to share lessons with peer centers and international audiences.

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