For Behavioral Diagnoses And Testing Of New Interventions In Reproductive Health Programs

Behavioral Ideas Lab (ideas42) plans to apply insights from behavioral economics to improve the delivery of family planning and reproductive health services in sub-Saharan Africa. ideas42 would help identifying possible reasons why women in the developing world who do not wish to become pregnant do not use contraceptives; ideas42 will design and implement behaviorally informed interventions, with the objective of increasing contraceptive use among populations targeted by the interventions. This grant is proposed as part of the Foundation’s new strategy to use new tools and approaches to make sure no woman has an unintended pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa.
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for the Sustainable Banking consumer campaign  
Ideas42 has applied behavioral insights in more than 100 projects across 35 countries, helping people act on choices that affect their lives and communities. Ideas42 manages a Sustainable Banking campaign that encourages consumers to switch their bank accounts to climate-positive, socially and environmentally sustainable financial institutions. The short-term goal of the campaign is to drive consumers to take actions signaling their demand for pro-climate deposit accounts. The medium- to long-term goal of the campaign is to build substantial and growing demand for pro-climate retail banking products, and engage with regulatory and private actors to increase the availability and utilization of those products.

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