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As a long-standing member of Africa’s women’s rights movement, Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) fosters inclusive governance in Uganda that is women-centered, transformative, and accountable. Through a multi-pronged approach, FOWODE enhances the political leadership capacity of women legislators, bolsters women’s economic empowerment through gender-responsive budgeting processes, and advocates for increased access to contraception. FOWODE works to maintain its community-level social accountability work, sustain engagement with policymakers, and promote gender-equitable norms that support women’s reproductive, economic, and political rights in Uganda. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)
for general operating support  
The Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE) advocates for inclusive governance and budgeting that gives women voice, choice, and power in influencing decision-making and priority-setting processes in Uganda. FOWODE advances gender transformative approaches in civic engagement and challenges inequitable power structures that limit women’s rights and gender equity. Among its priorities is a plan for FOWODE to prioritize young women’s leadership development and women’s rights in local government planning and service delivery to strengthen accountability among duty bearers.

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