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    12 Months
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    General Support/Organization
The national school network Expeditionary Learning, one of our leading deeper learning exemplars, has seen demand for its services expand enormously. It has grown from a small network of 100 schools to a major curriculum and professional development organization serving the Delaware, Newark, New Jersey, and the state and city of New York and several other major districts and states. The network is now facing the challenge of rapidly building its internal capacity to deliver these services. This grant would help Expeditionary Learning develop teacher capacity at scale to teach deeper learning knowledge and competencies by continuing to generate high-quality instructional materials, expand its online professional learning strategies, and scale its district reach and impact to support deeper learning through the Common Core.
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247 West 35th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY, 10001, United States
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EL Education develops deeper learning school environments committed to meaningful, challenging work and fosters an expanded view of achievement that focuses on student character, high-quality work, and mastery of knowledge and skills. Through its national school network as well as district and school literacy partnerships, EL Education supports students and teachers and facilitates the implementation of high-quality educational materials (including an OER English language arts curriculum). EL Education will continue to develop approaches to improve its instructional model, increase capacity to expand professional learning strategies, and scale its reach and impact on student achievement. (Substrategy: Content, Tools, and Services)

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