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Puebla 151 - Int O Col. Roma Norte Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, 06700, Mexico
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for general operating support  
The Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP) A.C. is a research and advocacy organization in Mexico that contributes evidence to the public debate on issues of economy and public finance. CIEP strengthens the research capacities of economists to work on public finance; provides technical assistance to decision makers; develops tools for fiscal analysis; and communicates the findings of their budget analysis with citizens, journalists, and decision makers. Over the next three years, CIEP will deepen its partnerships with local governments and social movements. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)
for a project to develop an online tool to simulate changes in tax policy in Mexico  
With this grant, the Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria would use public information to create an interactive, public, Web-based tool that would allow the community of practice and citizens in general to evaluate different fiscal scenarios for Mexico. This simulator would produce evidence-based data to support policy recommendations, help place public finances at the center of public debate, and foster citizen participation. The fiscal simulator allows changes to income variables such as income tax, VAT, oil, and other taxes, as well as modify government expenditure to evaluate Mexico’s public spending, effectiveness, long-term fiscal sustainability, and public policy design in general.

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