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For Research On School Reform, Videos On School Transformation, And A Crowd-sourced Online Platform

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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
The Business Innovation Factory’s Student Experience Lab uses human-centered design to develop new education models. The lab will conduct research to better understand the issues and successes traditional public schools experience when attempting to implement deeper learning practices; test a practitioner cohort model that spreads deeper learning among educators; and produce video content around strategies for increasing deeper learning in public schools. This work challenges assumptions that deeper learning–focused schools must be purpose-built institutions, demonstrates the potential for school leaders to transform existing public schools, and inspires educators to have a "hacker" mindset.
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60 Valley Street, Unit 25, Providence, RI, 02909, United States
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for a School Hackers reality TV-style school transformation show and crowd-sourced online platform  
The Business Innovation Factory Student Experience Lab uses human-centered design to develop and share new models of education. This grant would support the creation of a video series that features a team of experts assisting a traditional public school in the process of transforming itself (through no/low-cost "do it yourself" solutions) into a deeper learning environment; it will also create a crowd-sourced online platform for sharing school improvement ideas. This grant supports the Program’s goals of providing proof-points that challenge the assumption that schools focused on deeper learning must be new, purpose-built institutions, and demonstrate that it is possible for school leaders to transform their own existing, traditional public schools.

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