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For An International Field Analysis Of Non-cognitive Skills In Education

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The Asia Society's education department focuses on the global competence of students, educators, and leaders as the foundation for understanding between people in the US, Asia, and worldwide. With this grant, the Asia Society proposes a research study which will contribute to a more holistic and global understanding of how 21st century competencies – including the knowledge, skills, and academic mindsets that comprise deeper learning – are defined and developed in Asian countries (many of whom have performed at high levels on international education assessments such as PISA). This proposal will deepen understanding of the policy and practices that enable deeper learning to scale within education systems.
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for dialogues exploring accelerated climate action in China  
This grant supports Asia Society’s work on dialogues to explore accelerating climate action in China. The project aims to surface notable, promising, and test-worthy new insights, ideas, and strategies that can be applied to compel greater climate action from China in the coming decade. The ideas generated and shared from this project can be applied by a group of stakeholders both inside and outside China. If fully utilized, the implementation of innovative and practical ideas in this project can result in additional climate actions from China relative to its 14th Five Year Plan’s stated emissions reduction goals, while shaping the future of China’s economy from 2025 onward. (Substrategy: China National Policy)

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