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For The Development Of A Communications Strategy For The Bretton Woods Project

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for support of the Bretton Woods Project's Gender Equality and Macroeconomics Project  
This grant to ActionAid UK will support the Bretton Woods Project (BWP) and its partners. The Bretton Woods Project focuses on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to challenge their power and open space for civil society and social movements to contribute to the development of policies that are gender transformative, equitable, environmentally sustainable, and consistent with international human rights norms. This grant will challenge the ways in which macroeconomic policies promoted by international financial institutions, particularly the IMF and the World Bank, undermine gender equality and women’s rights. BWP will work in partnership with the Gender and Development Network and International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific. (Strategy: International Women’s Economic Empowerment)
for gender equality and macroeconomics work of the Bretton Woods Project  
This grant to ActionAid U.K. will support the Bretton Woods Project to continue its work with influential civil society organizations and key officials within international financial institutions to ensure that the macroeconomic policies they promote contribute rather than undermine gender equality. This grant will support (a) the monitoring of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank’s activities; (b) the development of policy analysis and recommendations for change; and (c) advocacy strategies that target insider champions of institutional change focused on gender equality. The project will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations who work on gender equality and economic justice to promote coordinated advocacy strategies.

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