/(slash) and Jen Liu

Artist Jen Liu stands in front of a pink and white background holding a long white object. Walter Wlodarczyk

“Ghost__World,” an extended reality media project and multi-site choreographed performance telling the stories of people whose lives have been made invisible.

/(slash), a San Francisco-based nonprofit visual art space, is commissioning artist Jen Liu to create “Ghost__World,” a project combining extended reality media and a multi-site choreographed performance, which will premiere alongside an exhibition. “Ghost__World” draws connections between women workers in the electronics industries in China and Asian-American women facing racialized gender and environmental violence in the United States. Informed by interviews with electronics and e-waste workers in China, Liu will combine augmented reality, web interfaces, choreography, sculptural props and costumes, and audio to tell stories of people whose lives have been made invisible. 

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