Leonardo/ISAST and Postcommodity (Cristóbal Martinez + Kade L. Twist)

Black and white headshots of artists Cristóbal Martinez and Kade Twist Postcommodity

“Cosmovisión” will explore the relationships between land, community, and worldview through a generative music performance.

Leonardo/ISAST is commissioning Postcommodity (artists Cristóbal Martinez and collaborator Kade L. Twist) to create “Cosmovisión.” “Cosmovisión” will be a generative music performance and instrument that uses video game mechanics to explore and determine relationships between land, community and worldview. An intentional community of teams will create an archive of sound recordings that sonify these relationships as a practice of Indigenous-led community self-determination and meaning-making. The teams will then enter a friendly and performative multiplayer gaming tournament where victory will come to those who can best collaborate, listen to each other, and create harmony. 

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