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For A Project To Develop The Field Of American Political Economy Within Political Science

A multiyear effort to catalyze a new field of American Political Economy (APE) within political science, this project will be animated by the production and dissemination of — and outreach and community building around — a set of high-quality research contributions outlining the extraordinary promise of APE. In addition to reshaping our understanding of the American political economy, the project will promote a new generation of APE scholarship, with the potential to engage with and support policy-oriented research across multiple disciplines. The project will continue past the grant period with ongoing high-impact activities, including an annual training session, seed grants, and outreach to the media and policymakers.
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25 Science Park – 3rd Floor Office of Sponsored Projects P.O. Box 208327, New Haven, CT, 06520-8327, United States
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for support of the development and launch of the American Political Economy Program  
This grant supports the design and launch a new program in American Political Economy (APE) at Yale University. APE — the analysis of the interplay of markets and government in the United States — is an increasingly vibrant domain of research and theorizing within political science, which the Hewlett Foundation has uniquely supported. An APE initiative at Yale would capitalize on the growing interest in the study of the American political economy to make Yale a leading institution fostering this fast-growing field and training the next generation of APE scholars. At the same time, it would provide a foundation for outreach to interested scholars at other universities, as well as to journalists, nonprofit groups, and policymakers beyond the academy.
for the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization  
The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization is a focal point for raising questions, triggering analysis and debate, and connecting policy actors concerned with issues such as global development, international trade, financial globalization, global public goods, and global governance. One of the Center’s international collaborations, for example, involves providing ongoing advisory support for the Natural Resource Charter, a set of principles on how best to harness the opportunities for development generated by extractive resource revenues. During this final phase of program support from the Foundation, the Center will seek to diversify funding so that it may continue its public programs—including lectures, workshops, and conferences—and expand the readership of its online magazine YaleGlobal.

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