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For Building And Testing A Grassroots Women Leaders' Digital Advocacy Platform

This grant would allow World Pulse to launch an upgraded digital communication platform that supports networks of grassroots women’s leaders and amplifies their voices locally, regionally, and around the world. The plan includes the development of a community leadership training model, new editorial and "call to action" strategies, and translation of the community leadership training materials into French. The upgraded platform would include the launch and evaluation of economic empowerment and leadership hubs that would spotlight community-generated content. The grant would also support development and implementation of a partner communication toolkit, and piloting digital strategies to increase grassroots women leaders’ participation.
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1006 SE Grand Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR, 97214, United States
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for building and testing a grassroots women leaders' digital advocacy platform  
This grant will allow World Pulse to boost their most effective strategies such as digital empowerment trainings and digital storytelling as a means to increase grassroots women leaders’ economic agency, participation, and benefits. World Pulse also will develop and test new strategies for tracking economic impact through their technology platform to document and share relevant knowledge with the field.
for general operating support  
This grant to World Pulse will allow them to expand their work and evidence through digital mobilization to strengthen the voice, agency, and impact of grassroots women leaders worldwide. World Pulse will achieve this long-term goal through digital empowerment training programs. They also will carry out a global outreach campaign to increase the size of their network and improve monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track membership reporting on impact, data collection, and analysis.

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