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For Dissemination Of Research On Population Dynamics And Development In Sub-Saharan Africa

The Africa Region at the World Bank is conducting research to support the needs of sub-Saharan African countries to capitalize on development opportunities created by changes in the population structure. The objectives of the analyses are to clarify concepts and provide analytical findings, demonstrate how findings can be translated into policies that can harness the impact of changes in population trends for economic development, and provide strategies for implementing policies. The Hewlett Foundation’s funds would support dissemination of the research at the country level to ensure that the findings guide country-level action. The World Bank will engage with government officials and other persons and organizations of influence, including academicians, civil society representatives, the media, and development partners in targeted countries. In addition, the World Bank will take advantage of existing platforms such as country-level technical assistance and World Bank Institute courses that bring together experts from different countries to interact with bank staff and global experts. To capture the attention of these decision makers and influential entities, the World Bank plans to collaborate with partners to produce policy briefs and visual tools based on the analytical work.
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for strengthening evidence-based policymaking for gender equity  
The World Bank Group is an international financial organization that provides low-cost loans and grants to developing countries around the world, as well as policy advice, research and analysis, and technical advice. The World Bank Group’s twin goals are to eradicate extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. This grant will expand the evidence base on gender gaps and promote gender-informed policy design and implementation in Africa via bringing a gender lens to fiscal policy and using gender disaggregated data to inform the design of government policies to improve women’s economic opportunities. (Strategy: International Women’s Economic Empowerment)
for the World Bank Group Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals  
This grant will support the World Bank Group’s Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals’ fourth call for proposals that aim to accelerate low-carbon development by focusing on the highest-emitting systems in China, Africa, and Southeast Asia: energy, manufacturing, transport, agriculture, land use, and cities. (Substrategy: China National Policy)
for the Governance and Institutions Umbrella Program  
The World Bank Group is a global partnership of five institutions comprising the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Development Association, the International Finance Corporation, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes. Together they work for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. The World Bank helps developing countries achieve sustainable growth by financing investment, mobilizing capital in international financial markets, and providing advisory services and analytical work. Within the World Bank, the Governance Global Practice helps countries build capable, efficient, inclusive, and accountable institutions for enhancing trust, public service delivery, and private sector development. The Governance and Institutions Umbrella Program (G&I UP) will focus on building the public institutions and public accountability pillars for that objective. The objective of the Governance and Institutions Umbrella Program is to contribute to public sector modernization in bank client countries, including the support of improved public sector performance and institutional reform, increased application of digital and technology solutions, and enhanced transparency and accountability. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)

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