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27 King's College Circle, Toronto, Ontario, M5S1A1, Canada
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for a Citizen Lab project on corporate accountability and transparency in cybersecurity  
A grant to the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto will support a project to research and enhance corporate accountability and transparency in the cybersecurity and surveillance industry.
for support of a cybersecurity community of practice  
A grant to the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab will support its efforts to nurture interdisciplinary research on cybersecurity that cuts across academic, private sector, practitioner, and government stakeholder communities. It will support the creation of a "community of practice" that exchanges theories, research questions, methods, and data across stakeholder communities. This will include organization of a series of small workshops focused on particular cybersecurity case studies of interest to a range of university researchers, private sector experts, and national security practitioners, as well as research fellowships for experts from different communities to conduct joint research.

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