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For Support Of Offering The Copper IUD As Emergency Contraception To Sexual Assault Victims

The copper IUD is the most effective method of emergency contraception, with much lower rates of failure than oral emergency contraceptive pills, but its usage for emergency contraception is quite low. This project will seek to evaluate the acceptability and uptake of the copper IUD as emergency contraception among sexually assaulted women who seek services from the Violence Intervention Program’s Sexual Assault Center at the University of Southern California Medical Center. The findings from this study may be used to encourage providers to make this form of emergency contraception more readily available to victims of sexual assault.
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for the USC Radio Group’s Northern California affiliate, KDFC  
University of Southern California Radio Group is a media organization that operates the most-listened-to network of classical music stations in the United States. Its Northern California affiliate, KDFC, broadcasts on five stations, reaching the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The local organization also streams content online, and presents performances and events at the Bowes Center for Performing Arts, which it leases from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Support for KDFC, through University of Southern California Radio Group, is aligned with the Performing Arts Program’s former Continuity and Engagement strategy through the Traditional Works substrategy.
for the Equity Research Institute  
USC’s Equity Research Institute (ERI) provides data and analysis to power social change. ERI produces research and facilitates discussions on issues of the economic, environmental, and social conditions facing low-income communities and immigrant populations — and the social movements that are working to change those conditions. ERI, in partnership with the Institute for Social Transformation at UC Santa Cruz, is working on a theory, narrative, and policy platform of “solidarity economics,” which addresses widening income inequality, rising economic insecurities, and growing social and racial fragmentation, while also promoting innovation and economic growth. It approaches this work in collaboration with social movement organizers and change-makers seeking to make solidarity economics a reality.
for opinion research on teaching controversial subjects  
The University of Southern California’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research conducts the Understanding America Study, a nationally representative survey of approximately 8,000 households. The study includes a subsample of households with at least one K-12 child in the home. Dornsife is collecting new survey data from parents to deepen the survey’s focus on civic and racial topics. This supplemental grant supports the Dornsife Center’s survey research efforts, including the analysis and dissemination of results. (Strategy: K-12 Teaching and Learning)

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