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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
One of the greatest threats to democracy is the idea that it is unassailable. At a time of potential danger to American democratic norms and institutions, it is more urgent than ever for scholars to highlight the risks to our system of government. In this spirit, Bright Line Watch brings together a group of leading political scientists to monitor democratic practices, their resilience, and potential threats. Building on its core surveys, Bright Line Watch will continue to field regular expert and public surveys about the health of American democracy, as well as expand and innovate its survey modules and survey populations. In addition, Bright Line Watch will continue to organize high-profile public events and publish academic research that is broadly shared with the public.
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University Research Administration 6054 South Drexel Avenue, Suite 300, Chicago, IL, 60637, United States
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for supporting development of a survey of non-cognitive factors in learning  
This grant would support a project to develop a survey of a broad range of social and emotional factors, such as perseverance, that are crucial for learning in grades six through twelve.
for a research-practice partnership to test theories of diffusion and scaled impact  
Outlier Research & Evaluation, housed at UChicago STEM Education, is a cross-disciplinary, diverse team committed to applied research and evaluation that directly informs educators and policymakers. Outlier will work with the Broward County Public Schools to help educators support critical thinking by having students consider alternate points of view, support statements with evidence, and communicate their thought processes to others. This work will present a replicable model that other districts and states can follow, while also introducing new theories about the spread of innovative practices. (Substrategy: District Deep Dives and Networks)

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