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For A Project On Changes In Rural Household Welfare And Their Implications For Development Policy

The Rural Economies of the Americas Program at the University of California at Davis is a research center devoted to understanding the problems of the Mexican rural sector by collecting data, conducting research, training students, enhancing institutional development, and disseminating critical research findings to policymakers, academics, and the public. In collaboration with a Mexican university, El Colegio de México, the Rural Economies of the Americas Program recently completed the third round of the Mexican National Rural Household Survey. This survey provided detailed information on poverty and welfare in rural Mexico that is comparable over time. A renewal would provide researchers with support to analyze and disseminate findings related to whether rural households have been able to move out of poverty or have fallen into further impoverishment, and how public investments have affected rural welfare at the household and community levels. The results of this research would shed light on how to make government subsidies more responsive to the needs of Mexico’s poorest rural communities.
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