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For Restoration Of Student Enrollment In The Young Musicians Program

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The Young Musicians Program (YMP) at the University of California at Berkeley provides youth from low-income families from around the Bay Area with year-round musical instruction from the region’s leading classical, jazz and musical theater teachers. The YMP program provides scholarships for all of the 10-18 year old students who attend weekly classes and a seven-week summer-camp. Founded in 1968, the caliber of YMP’s musical education has improved rapidly since Executive Director Daisy Newman began her tenure in 2005 and Ms. Newman has also increased the scope of services that YMP provides. Each student not only receives individual coaching and an opportunity to play in jazz ensembles and chamber groups but YMP also gives the kids academic tutoring, preparation for SAT exams and college conservatory auditions, access to psychological counseling and bus fare too. With project support YMP will be able to support four additional students in 2010 raising the total number of participants to 69 as it seeks to return to a full cohort of 85. (Supplemental, $42,000/1; 28% of program budget)
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