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For Strengthening The Policy And Programmatic Uptake Of Cash Transfer Programs In Sub-Saharan Africa

UNICEF USA supports the United Nations Children’s Fund by fundraising, advocacy and education, and regranting. It will subaward funds to UNICEF's Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office. This grant supports UNICEF's work with governments to expand social protection systems, and strengthen their design and delivery. The team will work with government counterparts, UNICEF in-country staff who support them, and advocacy groups toward the goals of using existing evidence to advocate for the expansion and increased efficacy of cash transfer programs, and making cash transfer programs more gender sensitive. (Strategies: International Women's Economic Empowerment and Evidence-Informed Policymaking)
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for a project to explore the nexus between early childhood care and women's empowerment  
With this grant, UNICEF proposes to explore the pathways connecting women’s empowerment to early childhood care and development. UNICEF would investigate how women’s empowerment and early child care interact and affect the life outcomes of two generations. With the International Labour Organization and UN Women, UNICEF would convene an inter-agency advisory group to strengthen collaboration, coordinated research, and program and policy efforts to invest in better outcomes for two generations.
for support to Data Must Speak  
This grant will support UNICEF’s Data Must Speak program that will improve global knowledge about what works and where (or not) in the development and use of data-driven school profiles by local education officials, school personnel, and parents to make performance gaps more visible and identify specific local actions for better learning. UNICEF will support data improvement, development of user-friendly school monitoring tools and related training modules for school personnel and community members, and evaluation of the effectiveness of these social accountability tools in expanding parent participation and accountability in education service delivery in up to 10 countries.
for an evaluation of the Data Must Speak project  
Data Must Speak is a multicountry program for testing new approaches to school-level performance monitoring, equity, and citizen engagement. This grant provides support to UNICEF to evaluate Data Must Speak, focusing on whether and how the process of co-designing school report cards has led to more community engagement and joint problem-solving to improve the quality of education and learning in five countries.

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