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For The More Mobility, No Tailpipes Fund

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The More Mobility, No Tailpipes (MMNT) Fund, hosted at the U.S. Energy Foundation, aims to build broad support for accelerating transport electrification. With this grant to the MMNT pooled fund, the U.S. Energy Foundation will support organizations advancing transport electrification and serving communities of color, who bear the brunt of transportation pollution. (Substrategy: Electrification)
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301 Battery Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94111, United States
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for general operating support  
The United States Energy Foundation’s (US EF) mission is to secure a clean and equitable energy future to tackle the climate crisis. Based on a bottoms-up assessment of opportunities across their network of over 700 grantees, consultants, staff, board, and climate funders, in 2022 EF is prioritizing implementation of federal climate investments, federal regulations to reduce climate pollution, and advancement of state and local policies. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for the Midwest Climate and Democracy Initiative  
This grant will support a three-year multi-funder collaborative focused on increasing nonpartisan civic engagement in the Midwestern U.S. Through this initiative, the US Energy Foundation (US EF) will learn whether and to what extent climate justice is a driver for voter turnout in historically underrepresented Midwestern communities. US EF and aligned funding partners will broadly disseminate qualitative and quantitative findings. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for the U.S. Transportation Program  
This grant supports the Transportation Program at the U.S. Energy Foundation. In the next year, the program will focus on securing strong vehicle standards that will put the U.S. on track for a 60% sales share of electric passenger vehicles by 2030 and 50% sales share of freight vehicles by the same year. In addition, the program will fund a series of groups and advocates who are critical for various state-level regulations to advance electrification of freight vehicles. (Substrategy: Electrification)

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