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For The Clean Vehicles Program

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for deploying science to advance social equity and low carbon transportation  
The Union of Concerned Scientists is one of the leading organizations on promoting zero-tailpipe emission technologies for cars and trucks in the United States. With this grant, the Union aims to accelerate transportation emissions reductions through the use of innovation and the right set of public policies. The recent innovations of electric and autonomous vehicles, building on efficient technologies, require an integration of sustainability and equity principles to ensure low-carbon mobility is accessible to all, especially in underserved communities. The electrification of buses and trucks, a priority for the organization, also promotes reduced pollution in those communities.
for Accelerating Emissions Reductions Through Transportation Innovation  
The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is one of the leading organizations on promoting vehicle efficiency and new technologies in the United States. The proposed grant aims at accelerating transportation emissions reductions and their impacts on human health through innovation. In the next two years there is a critical window for moving toward wider-spread adoption of clean vehicles nationwide, and setting the foundation for transformative change in the freight transportation sector. UCS will prioritize the support to the eight states who signed the Memorandum of Understanding, with California to achieve 3.3 million of electric cars by 2025, which would reduce emissions by 60 million tons by 2030.

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