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UltraViolet is a national grassroots community founded in 2012 to provide fast-moving, high-energy advocacy campaigns on women’s issues. This grant will provide support for UltraViolet’s work on reproductive rights, focused on educating women, especially younger women, about the importance of reproductive health and encouraging them to participate in campaigns to protect reproductive rights, as well as any other organizational activities.
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P.O. Box 92592, Washington, DC, 20090, United States
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for general operating support  
UltraViolet Education Fund works to change structures and practices that create barriers to reproductive access and care. It does this by increasing public awareness through strategic and public education, seizing high-impact media moments and cultural tipping points to make lasting change, and influencing national conversations on abortion access and reproductive and gender justice. Its primary mechanism of advocacy is rapid response mobilization of its extensive membership. (Strategy: U.S. Reproductive Equity)

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