For Grants To Innovative Programs That Improve Children’s Learning In Africa (Phase II)

This grant will support Phase II of TrustAfrica’s Early Learning Innovations Fund, which sought to identify local organizations with effective approaches for improving learning and provide them financial and technical support to demonstrate and document their impact. Under Phase II, TrustAfrica will continue its support for the most promising innovations from Phase I. TrustAfrica will assist these organizations in telling their story and will connect them to existing regional and country-level education networks and local decision makers to facilitate uptake and support from government and from other donors.
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for grants to innovative programs that improve children’s learning in Africa  
Trust Africa is an intermediary grantmaker based in Dakar that specializes in convening and building civil society movements for change around critical social development issues. With this supplementary grant, Trust Africa will provide up to five additional small grants under its Early Learning Innovations Fund to promising civil society programs. These programs are for improving children’s learning and will support the activities of a community of practice among its grantees and other education civil society organizations and networks in Senegal. Trust Africa will also design the next phase of the Fund based on the results of a formative evaluation.

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