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For An Atlantic Workshop On Inclusion In Silicon Valley

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    12 Months
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This grant will support Inclusion in Silicon Valley: An Atlantic Workshop, which serves the charitable purpose of public education by increasing understanding and dialogue among policymakers, employers, and civil society about challenges — and possible solutions — related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the region.
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610 Water Street Southwest, 5th Floor, Washington, DC, 20024, United States
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for support of the development of a New Economy Journalism  
Since 1857, The Atlantic has been challenging assumptions and pursuing truth. Now in its third century of publication, The Atlantic still seeks to imagine a better nation and world. This grant supports expanded coverage of the economy and society, which be freely available to the public and will explore critical debates, introduce bold new thinkers and ideas, and challenge settled assumptions. By broadening the terms of the debate and diversifying the voices that contribute to it, The Atlantic will focus attention on the critical question of how the economy can better serve the needs of ordinary people. Through reporting, essays, and analysis, it will guide readers through the shifting economic landscape, and encourage them to imagine new arrangements that better address emergent problems. As with all Hewlett media grants, the foundation exercises no editorial control.
for support of coverage of governance, democratic process, and the future of the American idea  
This grant will support The Atlantic’s coverage of governance, democracy, and the future of the American idea amid the nation’s current political and cultural fracturing. While these are perennial themes for The Atlantic’s coverage, this support will give the magazine greater flexibility to produce timely, deeper reporting and to convene an actionable public discussion about how to restore deliberation and consensus for the health of the polity. The Atlantic will also be able to take greater risks in reporting on new perspectives and model civil public conversation on the nation’s largest platform for reaching engaged citizens of all political stripes. The Atlantic will make this content freely available to all readers online.
for support of the On Teaching project  
This grant will support On Teaching, a journalism and oral history project led by "The Atlantic", which will collect and synthesize insights from a diverse range of educators who spent a lifetime working in public schools. The goal is to give voice to some of the country’s most distinguished and seasoned teachers on a range of topics that challenge classroom teachers today, such as teaching effectively in diverse classrooms, creating safe and respectful climates for learning, and teaching for understanding. On Teaching will allow classroom teachers to describe what they do in their own words, share the lessons and challenges they faced along the way, and speak about the purposes and values of public education.

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