Student Organizing, Inc.

For Promoting Faculty Adoption Of Open Textbooks

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    General Support/Program
Through its Student Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) program, Student Organizing, Inc. leads a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the high cost of textbooks and simultaneously build demand for solutions—most importantly, open textbooks and OER. The Student PIRGs will continue to work with students to catalyze campus action around OER, focus student energy on strategies to bring about greater market demand for campus and institutional reforms that lead to faculty adoption of OER, and promote the concept of a zero textbook cost degree. Their work will drive increased adoption of OER in higher education and help equalize access to education for all learners.
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for promoting faculty adoption of OER  
Student Organizing, Inc. is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization that hosts the nationally coordinated projects of the Student PIRGs. The Student PIRGs are a network of campus-based student advocacy organizations working toward affordable higher education and other public interest issues. PIRG’s Higher Education program seeks to expand the mainstream adoption of OER and open textbooks through grassroots, on-campus organizing and advocacy at the university, state, and federal policy levels. This helps to ensure that college educators as well as students understand the benefits of open educational materials and that educational systems are advancing policies that promote the mass adoption of those materials. (Substrategy: Sustainable Systems)
for promoting faculty adoption of open textbooks  
The average college student spends approximately $900 per year on textbooks, and prices have been rising at four times the rate of inflation for two decades. Textbook cost has become a major issue for low- and middle-income college students. To reduce those costs, the Center for Public Interest Student Organizing, the nation's largest student public interest organization, proposes to use its extensive network of professional campus organizers to increase the demand for open textbooks by conducting research, distributing information, and marketing the concept to faculty. Open textbooks eventually will pave the way for mainstream adoption of more innovative OER models designed to transform teaching, learning, and accessibility, while controlling costs.
for promoting faculty adoption of open textbooks  
This renewal grant would help Student Organizing Inc. continue its work to reduce the rising costs of college textbooks by increasing student and faculty demand for open textbooks, a tangible and familiar form of OER. Student Organizing Inc. would continue to build faculty and student networks to accelerate and sustain OER adoption. It would also conduct and publicize research on the cost-saving impact of OER.

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