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For The Center For Advanced Study In The Behavioral Sciences’ Framework For A Moral Economy Project

All economic frameworks imply a moral as well as a political economy. Moral political economies vary in time and place with implications for the values that dominate the thinking and practice of governments, firms, and citizens. The current moral political economic framework is failing. The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences has already begun the work of building a new framework by bringing together an interdisciplinary and intersectoral network. The new framework will build on contemporary understandings of human beliefs, interactions, and institutions to rethink models of the market and the state, mobilize the values that inspire action, facilitate new forms of sociability, and harness technology for the good of society. This project will contribute to reimagining capitalism and crafting its future.
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for support of the Policy Analysis for California Education program  
Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) is a nonpartisan policy and research center housed at Stanford University. It researches and analyzes education policy issues pertaining to California’s K-12 education system, bridging the gap between research and policy. This grant will help PACE produce relevant analysis and research, which can be used to better inform California education policy development and guide state and local decision making. (Strategy: K-12 Teaching and Learning)
for support of a neuroimaging study of racial bias and professional investors  
SPARQ, a research center at Stanford University, seeks to reduce societal disparities and social divides using behavioral science. This grant will support research to examine racial diversity in the financial services industry. It is expected that this information will be used to develop strategies and practices to reduce biases that contribute to racial disparities.

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