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For General Operating Support

With this renewal grant Sonora Ciudadana (SC) will continue its subnational advocacy campaign to gain effective access to health services for low-level state workers in thirteen Mexican states. To that end, SC will continue working to access relevant public information, track local budgets and analyze service delivery especially for basic health services. Given the persistent heterogeneity of access to information guarantees and budget information that prevails at the subnational level, SC is recruiting local partners to implement its strategy. The organization recognizes that the task is highly technical, and it plans to work in partnership with the International Budget Project (IBP, also a grantee of our program) to strengthen the technical capacity local NGOs to carry out this work. Sonora Ciudadana is a power-user of social networks and will be using them to foster communities of people who has been denied medical care. While doing this work, SC is actively supporting and testing the implementation of the access to information constitutional reform in Sonora and the states covered by its strategy.
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Bulevar Francisco Eusebio Kino no. 410 Edificio Pitic local 7 col. Pitic CP, Hermosillo, Sonora, 83150, Mexico
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for general operating support  
This grant would allow Sonora Ciudadana to continue its work on accountability and service delivery. Sonora Ciudadana will refine its substantive work to improve access to and quality of public health services in the state of Sonora. To that end, the organization will continue accessing relevant public information, tracking local budgets, and analyzing service delivery chains for the provision of public health services

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