Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

For Support Of The Clean Energy Growth Path

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    14 Months
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    General Support/Program
Shakti Foundation’s mission is to provide technical assistance to the Indian government to support efforts to meet India’s power needs with sustainable forms of electricity, promote low-carbon transportation options, design sustainable cities, and create market incentives for energy efficiency. Shakti is the Hewlett Foundation’s primary regranter in India. It provides funding for NGOs and consultants for analysis, policy development, and communications. In 2015, Shakti is focusing on working with the government to implement its ambitious renewable energy goals, reform the electricity grid, develop the smart cities program, and increase appliance efficiency standards—especially around air conditioners.
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The Capital Court 104B/2, Fourth Floor, Munirka Phase III
New Delhi, 110067 India
Grants to this Grantee
for India's clean energy growth path  

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation facilitates India’s transition to a clean energy economy. Shakti provides grants to Indian organizations to support efforts to meet the nation’s power needs with clean electricity, increase the share of electric vehicles, promote energy efficiency in buildings and industry, and scale clean energy finance. Their main priorities in 2020 are to fund organizations to provide technical assistance to various levels of government to advance renewable power, electric vehicles, and industrial energy efficiency. This grant supports the India substrategy of the Climate Initiative, which aims to keep Indian emissions consistent with a less than 2 degrees Celsius increase in global average temperature in 2050.

for the Electric Mobility Initiative in India and for executive transition  

The Shakti Foundation’s mission is to support India’s transition to a sustainable energy emerging economy. Shakti supports local nongovernmental and research organizations in India. This grant will support the Electric Mobility Initiative, with the goal of helping India achieve its ambitious electric vehicle deployment goals by 2030, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, add jobs, and reduce India’s oil import dependence. A small portion of this grant will also support the search for a new CEO.

for the state-level power sector reform program  

This grant will expand Shakti’s program to advance clean energy and vehicle electrification at the state level in India. It will fund capacity building and programmatic support to promote sustainable electricity in ten key states. Specifically, the grant will fund state-based analysis on the cost savings and pollution mitigation impacts of renewable energy; technical support for the market design and clean energy integration; and planning tools that allow state governments to plan for and procure optimal amounts of clean energy. The program will develop long-term support for clean energy and transportation.

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