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ShadowLight Productions creates innovative, multi-disciplinary performances that are rooted in traditional Balinese shadow puppet theater. Its productions around the Bay Area draw from traditional Balinese shadow theater, and incorporate contemporary and experimental techniques including video projections, reflections, and musical accompaniment. Through ShadowLight’s educational workshops, residencies, and performances, students and audience members of all ages gain first-hand experience in shadow puppetry. The organization reaches 500 people each year. In addition, ShadowLight’s master-level workshops, geared toward accomplished artists, teach advanced techniques developed and perfected over decades.
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22 Chattanooga Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114-3025, United States
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for general operating support  
ShadowLight Productions creates experimental, interdisciplinary live performances that showcase the unique medium of Balinese shadow theater. ShadowLight’s performances combine traditional shadow casting with contemporary technology and stagecraft, and the organization’s actors perform stories from many cultural traditions, including Native American, Chinese, Latin American, and Indonesian. The organization reaches approximately 4,000 Bay Area residents each year, and hundreds more see its work on national and international tours. In addition, ShadowLight artists teach workshops in K-12 schools and after-school programs that reach 1,500 youth and 200 adults each year.
for general operating support  
ShadowLight Productions develops, presents, and teaches shadow theater rooted in traditional Balinese theater, often with contemporary elements. The organization is predominately dedicated to developing and presenting the work of veteran shadow theater artist and founder, Larry Reed, at times with artistic collaborators. Each year, the organization offers four or more performances to audiences of more than 500 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and periodically performs nationally and internationally. This grant to ShadowLight Productions supports the Performing Arts Program’s Continuity and Engagement strategy through the Traditional Works component.

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