Continuity and Engagement: 2012-2019

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir


Art has the power to infuse people’s lives with meaning and joy. Shared artistic experiences can also be a powerful unifying force, affirming deep bonds across cultures and generations, especially in the face of rapid demographic and technological change.

Our continuity and engagement grantmaking embraced a wide range of disciplines, aesthetics, and traditions in the areas of dance, media, music, and theater that engage people across different communities to participate in the arts. The Performing Arts Program made grants under this strategy from 2012 to 2019 as part of our overall strategic framework during that period.


Traditional works

Support organizations that seek to produce, present and preserve exceptional works from a variety of artistic traditions, and ensure opportunities for participation that reflect the demographic diversity of the Bay Area.

Innovative works

Encourage innovation in the performing arts by promoting the development of new cultural expressions, creation of new works, and integration of technology and media to expand and redefine the experiences of artists and audiences.

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