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The San Francisco Contemporary Music Players presents five concerts each year featuring the music of 20th century composers and commissioned works. Since 1971 SFCMP has brought together leading local musicians and nationally and internationally acclaimed composers to present pieces of adventurous music that are frequently so logistically challenging that few other ensembles in American can perform them. To make the obscure (if not entirely unknown) music accessible to its audiences SFCMP precedes each concerts with a "Contemporary Insight" lecture/performance the day before each work is performed. At these sessions eminent musicologists, the group’s music director and the artists themselves walk audience members through a featured piece of music. One of seven contemporary music organizations supported by the Hewlett Foundation (since 1980), the $350,000 organization has been managed effectively by executive director Adam Frey since 1990. Mr. Frey, who will be leaving SFCMP in 2009, will hand off an organization which has a 160 subscribers, an annual audience of 1,500 and runs an artist residency program at Lowell High School in San Francisco. With renewed funding SFCMP will conduct a search for a new executive director, add sound and video content to its website and continue to expand the audience for serious, difficult contemporary music.
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101 California Street, Suite 2710, San Francisco, CA, 94111, United States
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for general operating support  
Led by artistic director Steven Schick, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players presents the infrequently performed music of 21st- and late-20th-century composers. Its ensemble is made up entirely of union musicians, who are guaranteed a professional wage, pension, and a minimum level of paid work. Each year, the organization presents seven concerts and two community events for approximately 2,000 people. Renewed funding will help the organization maintain the quantity of its programming, while continuing its efforts to increase and diversify its audience.
for general operating support  
San Francisco Contemporary Music Players presents the infrequently performed music of 21st and late 20th century composers through five subscription concerts each year. To encourage more people to experience the adventurous genre of new music, it also occasionally offers large-scale, easier-to-understand public events; educational programs; and a series of smaller concerts with lectures. The organization reaches a total of 2,100 people annually. Renewed funding would support the forty-year-old organization’s efforts to refine its programming, diversify its income, and expand its board.

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