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This grant to the Resources Legacy Fund will support a 10-year fund aimed at preserving significant ecological places by restoring the integrity of rivers through dam removal. The fund will be created to honor the Hewlett Foundation’s 50th anniversary, and to recognize its longstanding commitment to western conservation. The work supported by the fund will focus on dam removal projects that are critical to landscape integrity and climate resilience. Over the 10-year period of the fund, the Resources Legacy Fund will identify projects that help ensure the health of western waterways and the species that depend on them.
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555 Capitol Mall, Suite 1095, Sacramento, CA, 95814, United States
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Resources Legacy Fund is a nonprofit organization that partners with leaders in philanthropy, communities, government, science, and business to promote smart policies and secure equitable public funding for the environment, climate change resilience, and healthy communities. Across the Western U.S. and internationally, it manages large, multiyear grantmaking programs and fiscally sponsors projects that accelerate change toward environmental and equity goals. (Substrategy: Advance Conservation Protections)

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