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For Support Of More Equitable Democracy, A New Project To Support Alternative Electoral Systems

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American government’s first-past-the-post, single-member district system has been identified by political scientists and others as a major contributing factor to political polarization. Traditional democracy groups, however, have had limited success with building strong coalitions, particularly with communities of color, to advance impactful reforms such as preferential voting and proportional representation. "More Equitable Democracy" will focus on building support and identifying champions in communities of color and among young people, while providing technical assistance and funding to local and state-based electoral reform efforts. This will play an important role in catalyzing broad-based coalitions that can educate voters on future policy reform campaigns.
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15 Research Drive, Suite B, Amherst, MA, 01002, United States
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for support of public education and research activities about campaign finance reform in NY state  
Founded in 1994, Proteus Fund is a national funding collaborative with several areas of expertise, including state-level campaign finance reform. Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, which allows virtually unlimited corporate and union campaign expenditures, the amount of money flowing to state and federal elections has grown rapidly. With Congress unwilling to advance relevant policy proposals, states have become the primary focus for reforms. New York State currently offers the most promising environment for progress. With this grant, the Proteus fund will support several smaller organizations working to educate the public about campaign finance reform in New York State. MEDIA
for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative  
The Transparency and Accountability Initiative, hosted by Proteus Fund, is a donor collaborative that coordinates research and exchange among transparency and accountability donors. This grant will support implementation of a new three-year strategy to increase members’ collective impact by facilitating collective action around four streams of work: (a) data use for accountability, (b) taxation and tax governance, (c) strengthening civic space, and (d) learning for improved grantmaking.

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