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For Support Of The Network Of Organizations Implementing Citizen-led Assessments

Pratham’s Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) has catalyzed international attention to India’s learning crisis by mobilizing volunteers to visit hundreds of thousands of households across the country and test whether children can read and do basic math. ASER has inspired similar citizen-led assessments of student learning outcomes in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, and Senegal. With this grant, the ASER Centre would provide more intentional support to the growing network of organizations conducting citizen-led learning assessments. Their efforts would help catalyze further growth in the network, facilitate joint learning among network members, encourage wider use of the learning data and assessment tools developed by network members, and promote global and national education learning goals.
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for the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) and the related activities of the ASER Centre  
Pratham’s Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) has drawn attention to a learning crisis in India and motivated policy change by mobilizing volunteers to visit households and assess the basic reading and math skills of over half a million children every year. This grant will help the ASER Centre adapt its annual survey of learning to also measure skills at early childhood, middle school, and secondary school levels. The ASER Centre will ensure that the findings help expand the conversation about learning to a broader set of skills and reach audiences who can do something about the results. The ASER Centre will also help government teacher-training centers and other institutions build capacity for generating and using evidence.
for supporting citizen-led assessments worldwide  
This grant will allow Pratham’s ASER Centre to support seven organizations implementing citizen-led assessments in nine countries to improve their work and increase its visibility. The ASER Centre will also help interested organizations in new countries to learn about and begin piloting their own work on similar assessments as a way to engage citizens in advancing an agenda for better learning outcomes.

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