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For Support Of PSI's Program In Niger

Population Services International (PSI) is one of the largest social marketing organizations, using commercial marketing techniques to introduce and promote critical reproductive health products in countries around the world. This grant will support PSI’s new program in Niger, where the organization is working with the Ministry of Health to support a national mass media campaign promoting family planning and expand reproductive health options in the government’s health care system.
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for support of self-care for sexual and reproductive health  
This grant to Population Services International will support the Self-Care Trailblazer Group to expand its field-building activities to promote user-controlled sexual and reproductive health services. Co-funded with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, this project brings together advocates, researchers, and other stakeholders to promote and study user-controlled sexual and reproductive health care. This third supplemental grant is taking advantage of a strategic window during the COVID-19 pandemic to promote self-care as a way to mitigate the health system’s limitations caused by the pandemic. This grant is aligned with the International Reproductive Health strategy’s effort to support innovation in service delivery.

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