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With this grant, the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) will continue to provide timely and objective information and policy analysis on population, health, and environmental trends to policymakers, educators, the media, and the general public. PRB plans to expand and improve upon its digital dissemination capabilities, including the development of more animated and interactive data visualization features to enhance the appeal and understanding of technical information. A redesign of PRB’s website and development of applications for smart phones and tablets will help meet user expectations about speed of access to information and increasing sophistication of the search function. PRB will target large web portals, wire services, and media outlets to disseminate content and interactive graphics, and form stronger partnerships with think tanks, universities, NGOs, and development communities in developing countries to distribute research findings and publications in a variety of formats. Over the grant period, PRB also proposes to develop new initiatives that help link population to broader development issues such as agriculture, climate change, and governance.
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for support of Counting Women's Work  
This grant will support the Counting Women’s Work project that seeks to estimate the age and gender dimensions of economic activity, including unpaid care work, and create indicators that are amenable to policy analyses. The Population Reference Bureau, partnering with the University of California at Berkeley, will provide technical assistance and grants to five African research teams to measure the production and consumption of women’s unpaid care work and its effect on economic growth. Teams will develop research-to-action plans that model potential post-COVID-19 policy solutions, engage in-country stakeholders, and include national statistics, economic planning, labor units, and advocates to promote evidence use. (Strategy: International Women’s Economic Empowerment)

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