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For General Operating Support

The Population Association of America will continue to promote and foster high-quality population science that constructively informs policies and programs that can enhance human welfare. During the grant period, the association will focus on maintaining its core activities such as the annual meeting, programming to address the training needs of students and early-career professionals, and a communications campaign to educate policymakers and the media about population research.
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for general operating support  
As a professional scientific organization, Population Association of America communicates population research through diverse platforms to facilitate its incorporation into policymaking processes. The association aims to bring its members’ expertise into collecting and interpreting cross-national population data and strengthening the cross-fertilization of evidence among interdisciplinary researchers in the Global South and Global North with an enhanced focus on access to contraception and safe abortion care. The association aims to deepen these focal areas, including institutionalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization's policies and procedures. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)
for membership development, travel grants program, and international outreach  
The Population Association of America (PAA) is the leading organization of professional demographers in the United States and the largest population association in the world, with more than 3,000 members. The PAA fosters interdisciplinary research on the causes and impact of population dynamics and its implications for policies and programs worldwide. For more than twenty years, the Foundation has supported Association initiatives to build the developing world’s capacity to produce high-quality demographic research. This recommended grant would continue support for a competitive travel grant program that brings scholars from developing countries to the Association’s annual meetings, keeping them connected to current research, methodologies, and professional networks. The project also supports the PAA’s newest initiative to strengthen population science associations in developing regions.

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